And I forgot again hehe I will remember to do this most on a Sunday at some point in the near future! lol

Here are our fun lunches for week 2 of term 2 from 30th of April to the 6th of May


In Mr 7’s lunch today we have;

2 chicken schnitzel bites
Some tomato sauce in a cute bottle
A veggie and bacon muffin (recipe coming later today)
Some plain corn chips
Strawberry Fruche with a piece of strawberry food bling
Some rice crackers


In this lunch;

Leftover cannelloni
Dutch pancakes with some Honey & Flower Picks
Flower carrots
and Ritz biscuits with flower cheese


Mr 7 left his bag at after school care last night so today I’ve had to go ice brick free and pack him a lunch in our back up lunchbox, our Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Plus;

Plain corn chips
Puzzle sandwich with animal food bling
Pretzels with a tree and a bird food bling
Some sultanas in a mini heart food cup
Carrot sticks with a boat food bling
Rice crackers


Happy Star Wars Day everyone! In Mr 7’s lunch today we have;

Princess Leia sausage rolls with ‘Star Wars’ spelled out in ABC food picks
A Millennium Falcon pizza sitting on top of a garlic bread galaxy
Some cheese and carrot stars
And some ‘lightsaber’ pretzel sticks in a little Yoda paper cut out from Toy-A-Day