Wow term 1 really has just flown by and I’ve had loads of fun creating some cute lunches for Mr 7 (yes its true I really do enjoy making my sons school lunches) So here are our fun lunches from the 2nd of April to the 8th of April


I was a little inspired yesterday when I was doing some egg dying with Mr 7, so today’s lunch has been lit up blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day today.

Don’t worry all the blue used is natural food colouring, except for the egg but given Mr 7 wont be eating the shell the blue food dye used there is no issue at all.


Mr 7’s first Easter themed lunch for the week

In this lunch;

Air popped popcorn
A wholemeal sandwich with some silicone grass, a cute little chook cookie and Easter spelled out in cheese letter
Some pretzel sticks and some broccoli to represent a flower/tree
A bunny boiled egg
and some Fruche with a fruit leather bunny cut out


Mr 7 handed me a slip that he had obviously had for a little while last night at 5pm that said there was a class party on the 4th and I had to send sausage rolls (aren’t kids great sometimes!), thankfully they are my specialty so I made a batch last night, so I’ve just made Mr 7 a snack lunchbox today;

Bunny cheese cut outs
Air popped popcorn with a bunny food bling
Bunny shaped carrots in a bunny silicone cup
and some cut up apple with pop food picks (the apple has been drenched in freshly squeeze orange juice to stop browning)

I also thought Bug might like a nice fun plate lunch today


Good morning everyone, well its the last day of term here in SA so I thought I’d make Mr 7 a bit of a treat lunch today, in this lunch;

A bunny sandwich
A carrot for the bunny
A hot cross muffin
And a plastic Easter egg with some money and a little Easter note in it (Mr 7 has asked nearly everyday this term for some money for the canteen so I thought seeing as how its the last day of term I’d make his day and finally give him some)