Here is this week in lunches 20/2/12 to the 26/2/12, its super hot her in SA so I’m hoping we get the cool change that is supposed to be coming in this arvo so I can get my bake on as I have a yummy recipe I want to try out/share with you all!



We’ve had a super busy weekend so today’s lunch is just an eclectic mix of what we had in the freezer, cupboard and fridge

Some rice crackers
1/2 a Vegemite sandwich made into plane shapes
A serve of heart cereal
1 carrot cut into UFOs and stars
A mini homemade cheese & bacon roll
and some air popped popcorn


Mr 7’s puppy dog lunch for today:

A dog in a dog house sandwich
Some fetching sticks (pretzels)
A puppy dog cookie
Some ham and a dog house cheese
Some carrot trees (what dog doesn’t like trees)
Some dog bone pancakes

And in the spirit of Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day the bug and I have had a fun pancake lunch


Well there was no school lunch for Mr 7 today as I decided it was time for a long over due mummy/son day so we went and saw Star Wars 3D at the movies :) but I did manage snap a quick pick of Miss Buggie’s lunch (she stayed with her aunt while we went to the movies) So here is a very quickly chucked together toddler morning tea and lunch;

1/2 a quiche
Some star cheese
A homemade choc chip cookie
and rice crackers


In the spirit of going to see Star Wars 3D at the movies yesterday I thought I’d make Mr 7 a Star Wars themed lunch!


Well the bear egg in Mr 7’s lunch did not want to cooperate this morning :/ but its still an egg and still fine for him to eat (it just looks a little worse for ware lol) In todays lunch we have;

Rice (in a large bear food cup with carrot eyes, ears and mouth)
Broccoli (steamed)
Chicken sticks (on toy food picks)
Some PURPLE carrot aeroplanes (in the pea pod food cups)
A bear egg that I tried to colour blue/purple by boiling it in the purple carrot water (kinda worked but I think I need some more practice)
some rice crackers
and in his overflow bento box some plane corn chips


A cute little breakfast for my little ones. I used the Animal stamp set on the bread before I toasted it just like a toast stamp