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I am very passionate about caring for the environment and providing reusable, rubbish free items that can not only make our lives at home easier, but also help ensure a healthier planet for our children.

It is with great joy that I bring to you the incredible new Wrappa Bees Reusable Food Wraps! These are a fun and environmentally friendly alternative to your every day plastic wrap.

Every year the average Australian family uses approximately 400m of plastic wrap. This can not be recycled and ends up as land fill which takes hundreds of years to break down.

  • Handcrafted in South Australia from 100% cotton, filtered bees wax, tree resin and jojoba oil
  • Fun, funky and on trend designs
  • Use to cover sandwiches, snacks, salad bowls, cut veggies, cheese etc etc… the list is endless…
  • Fold into pockets to make instant snack bags for popcorn, crackers or vegetables
  • Smells divine!
  • Will last for 6-12 months!

Have a look through the photos in our shop and familiarise yourself with this new product. If you have any questions, then please email me at and I will get straight back to you!

Keep an eye out for fun new designs including licensed character wraps.

I hope you love these items as much as our family have. In my husband’s words “they took a bit of getting used to, but they really are bloody brilliant!!”

Much love….

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