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How to use an Onigiri Rice Shaper for rice balls

Some of our products may need a little explaining in order to fully understand how to use them. This is…

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zucchini slice 3 cover
Zucchini, Bacon and Sweet Potato Slice – Great for lunches!

If I can hide veggies in something I will. Believe it or not, most food can have some kind of…

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turkey sausage rolls 5
Lunchbox Sausage Rolls with Hidden Veg

Most kids love sausage rolls!!! Most sausage rolls have lots of stuff in them that don’t love kids! Why not…

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Neat 2 Eat Notice Board

school holidays

Yay!!!!!  It’s school holiday time!!!! Enjoy your babies and have lots of fun in the kitchen.

Feel free to send us some holiday snaps of you and your kids making food fun to eat. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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